Why states with stricter gun laws don’t have more gun violence, and why it wouldn’t matter anyway if they did

Earlier this week, someone called me stupid. So, after a four-month Medium hiatus, I decided to write about it.

Twitter is a terrible place

I’m not going to write about how terrible a place Twitter is (it is), or about how surely my education lacks (also true). …

Or: why denominators matter

Slowly but surely, we’re getting vaccinated. (In high-income countries, at least, but this isn’t a post about vaccine nationalism).

Covid case counts in the US have steadily decreased since mid-April, reaching numbers we haven’t seen since March of last year. It’s pretty phenomenal.

New Covid cases per day in the US (Source: New York Times)

So, this is…

Mark Shrime, MD, PhD

O’Brien Chair of Global Surgery, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland | Global surgeon | Decision analyst | Climber | 3x American Ninja Warrior Competitor

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